Student Responsibilities

Student Responsibilities

Responsibilities of all Graduate Students

  • All students are responsible for keeping up with information via the SUNY Maritime College Website especially the registration material that is made available every semester
  • All students are to have a Maritime email address that they are to monitor regularly. THIS IS HOW WE GENERALLY SEND INFORMATION, IF YOU DO NOT CHECK YOUR EMAIL YOU WILL NOT BE INFORMED
  • You are responsible for adding a course and or dropping a course after the term starts. You must follow the rules. If you need to add or drop a course, you must follow the rules, consult the website or call the office
  • Once you register it is your responsibility to pay your bill. Student accounts office should send you a bill but DO NOT WAIT. After you register contact student accounts to make your payment to avoid any late fees
  • If you are unclear about procedures contact the department right away so that we may help with the problem before it is too late.
  • You must apply for graduation if you are planning on graduating at the beginning of your next term.

Responsibilities for International Graduate Students

  • All International Graduate students MUST TAKE AND PASS AT LEAST NINE CREDITS EVERY SEMESTER. There are no exceptions. If you think you are doing poorly in a course in danger of failing, come to the International Student Advisor and let her know you are in trouble.
  • If you fail a course and drop below full-time you must come and see the International Student Advisor. If you do not you will be out of F1 student status. You will then need to apply for reinstatement with USCIS.
  • Please read the 2nd page of your I-20, this has many of the rules and regulations you need to be aware of. By signing the I-20 you are certifying that you have read the information on the I-20 and that you are willing to comply
  • Do not work unless you are authorized to do so by the US Government

Click here for the USCIS government website that completely outlines the rules and regulations of your stay here in the States.