Graduate License Students: Day Student Status

Graduate License Students: Day Student Status

Students participating in the Graduate License Program have the option of applying for Day Student Status.

What is Day Student Status?

Students with valid experience (e.g., Armed Forces) or qualifications (e.g., Merchant Marine License) may be admitted to the College and assigned special status within the Regiment of Cadets.  Students who believe they qualify for this special status must apply to and be approved by the Deputy Commandant of Cadets.  These special students wear the prescribed uniform and will muster every Tuesday and Thursday for inspection and instructions. Cadets granted this status are expected to comply with the applicable Rules and Regulations; lack of compliance can lead to the denial or revocation of this privilege. Further clarification is provided in the Rules and Regulations Manual for the Regiment of Cadets.

How do I apply to be a Day Student?

To apply to be a day student, complete this form and return it to Captian C. Hanft, Deputy Commandant of Cadets:


Phone: 718-409-7442


SUNY Maritime College

Regiment of Cadets

c/o Captain Hanft

6 Pennyfield Avenue

Throggs Neck, NY 10465

Where can I learn more about the Regiment of Cadets?

To learn more about the Regiment of Cadets, click here, visit the RegWeb, or visit the new regimental students webpage!