Fire Safety

Fire Safety

The following actions should be taken by Students, Faculty and Staff when fire alarms are activated or a smoke or fire condition is discovered on the campus



  • When a fire alarm is heard or the alarm strobe lights are flashing in a building all persons in the building must immediately proceed to exit the building through the nearest exit
  • All persons occupying a building are responsible to familiarize themselves with a primary and alternate means to exit the building from the space they occupy

  • Do not use elevators to exit a building

  • Once outside University Police should be called to ensure that the alarm has reached the UPD dispatch and F.D.N.Y. has been dispatched

  • No one except UPD and other trained personnel should reenter the building until it has been determined to be safe by UPD, FDNY or competent Physical Plant personnel

  • Never delay exiting the building or assume that it is a false alarm because you do not see or smell smoke or fire



  • Remain calm. Immediately exit the building by a route away from the source of the fire or smoke condition
  • Do not try to put out the fire or find its source.

  • Check doors you must open to see if they feel hot. If they are hot do not open them. Look for another route or if trapped go to a window and call for help.

  • Close doors behind you as you exit

  • If smoke is heavy stay low, crawl on the floor and feel your way along walls to an exit.

  • Unless you are trapped, wait until you are out of the building to call in the alarm to UPD dispatch by DIALING 911 on any campus phone

  • If possible activate the building’s fire alarm system on the way out.

  • Don’t search for other people or take time to gather belongings

  • Knock on doors and yell fire on your way out but don’t hesitate or stray from the quickest way out

  • Never attempt to go back in the building until the condition has been corrected and you are instructed to do so by competent personnel




(A. 5715-A/S. 4180-B)

The Kerry Rose Fire Sprinkler Notification Act of 2013 requires the College to provide a written fire safety notification to each student living in a college-owned or operated housing facility, both on and off campus.  The notification consists of a description of the fire safety system for the student’s housing facility, including whether or not the housing facility is equipped with a fire sprinkler system.  The notification also includes information on how to access the College’s campus fire safety report required by federal law.  In accordance with the Kerry Rose Fire Sprinkler Notification act, the written notification is provided to students when they are given their room key.