Click here to print the Application for Fishing Permit

Fishing is permitted on the campus in the area of the Jetty near Parking Lot #11 with the purchase of an annual permit.

These permits are available from the University police at the Main Entrance for a fee of $50.

A copy of the campus fishing regulations and permit application is attached or available from the University Police. All state fishing regulations are enforced on campus by the New York State DEC Police



We welcome you as visitors to the State University of New York Maritime College campus. For the protection of the College and its members and for the enjoyment and protection of all our Fishing Permit holders, the following regulations are in effect:

  • Fishing permit badge must be worn on the upper left portion of the body at all times while fishing on campus.
  • No person without proper badge will be permitted on campus for fishing purposes. This
  • includes any occupants of fishing permit holder’s vehicle. Revocation of the fishing permit will result if your badge is not displayed in the proper place at all times.
  • Fishing is permitted only between 6:30AM and Dusk and only on the campus jetty by Parking Lot #11. Fishing is not permitted at any other time or in any other area.
  • During.the summer months, or whenever the college is in recess parking is also permitted in parking lot #11
  • Because of our limited facilities, fishing privileges may be cancelled during those times when a specific College function is occurring on campus.
  • Personal litter or refuse is to be placed in the proper receptacles or taken with you off campus.
  • Picnicking, firearms, motor vehicle repairs, alcoholic beverages, pets, scuba diving, ball playing, swimming and sun bathing are PROHIBITED.
  • Traffic regulations and other College rules must be observed.
  • All New York State Fishing Regulations Must be Followed.
  • The State of New York assumes no liability in the event of injury, loss or theft, and a legal waiver of liability to that effect must be signed by each permit holder
  • Fishing permits must be displayed to the officer on duty when entering the campus at the Main Entrance and must be then worn at all times as described above. All occupants of a vehicle entering campus must have individual fishing permits.
  • Any vehicle attempting to enter campus with occupants without fishing permits will not be permitted entrance. There will be no exceptions to this rule.
  • Children and spouses of permit holders will not be admitted.