Guests of Students

Guests of Students

Guests of students are welcome at the College between the hours of 0800 and 2200. Guests are permitted in lounges on the first deck of Baylis Hall and in the basement lounges of Vander Clute Hall. Visitors require permission and a student escort to visit other areas of the dormitories.

A student’s guest should be accompanied by that student for a visiting tour or arrangements should be made for another student to assist. Appropriate courtesies are to be rendered by students to all visitors.

Each dormitory has a visitor’s lounge where visitors who call on students may be entertained. Additionally, a large and comfortable lounge is available in Baylis Hall.

The student gate watch and the University Police will be responsible for the screening of visitors at the main entrance to the college.

The student being visited is responsible for his/her visitor’s actions and also to adhere to college regulations including leaving campus after visiting hours are over. All visitors should exit campus no later than 2200 or closing hour at an authorized function. Overnight visitors require advance written authorization.