Reporting Crimes / Emergencies

Reporting Crimes / Emergencies

The University Police Department is located at the entrance to the campus. This facility is available to students and others to report criminal incidents and emergencies on campus 24 hours per day, 365 days a year.

To report a Police, Fire or Medical Emergency on Campus

DIAL 911

from any campus phone

Special Blue Light Emergency Phones with direct one touch connection to the University police are also located at the entrances to each of the four Residence Halls and in Parking lot 9 near the Jetty and Parking Lot 15 under the Bridge.

To report an emergency by Cellular phone or to contact the University Police for Non -Emergencies dial 718-409-7311.

Dialing 911 from cellular phones should be avoided as the call will go to the New York City 911 Call Center and delay response

Once reported, the University Police Dispatcher will dispatch State University Police Officers to respond to the incident and/or emergency and will notify any additional agencies such as FDNY or EMS as appropriate.