Waterfront Facilities

Waterfront Facilities


SUNY Maritime College's Waterfront is at the heart of campus and has a variety of vessels to enhance the educational experience for students. Current facilities include:


Olivet Pier

The 600’ pier serves as home for Maritime’s Training Ship the 565’ Empire State VI and monomoy’s.


McMurray Hall  

McMurray, which goes by a variety of nicknames including the “TIV” (Student Activities Center), waterfront, sailing center or simply the boathouse, is the heart of the waterfront recreational activity.

  Ground Floor: three bays offering large indoor repair and storage facilities supported by nearby machine, wood, and paint shops, and a changing room.

Mezzanine: A team meeting room and men’s and women’s locker rooms.


Top Floor: waterfront offices, all purpose student lounge, café’ and balcony with one of the best viewing platforms in all of college sailing offering a panoramic view of the East River from the Throgs Neck Bridge to the New York City skyline beyond the Bronx-Whitestone Bridge.


Apron: Behind McMurray Hall you will find a 20-ton travel lift and two-ton jib crane enabling Maritime to efficiently haul and maintain its recreational vessels at this facility.


Small Boat Fleet

Maritime's Waterfront maintains a variety of vessel for hands-on boat operation, seamanship, athletic competition, recreation and community programs.