Support the Waterfront

Support the Waterfront

There are many ways you can help develop leaders and produce champions. Supporting the Maritime College Waterfront in one of the following ways will help expand and improve these programs.

Contribute Financially

Donating your boat, sails and marine related equipment

Purchase Boats and Equipment



The Maritime College Waterfront currently supports training for some of the best college sailors and rowers in the country including:

Maritime College Varsity Sailing Team

Maritime College Varsity Crew Team


With your support we would like to not only increase its support for Intercollegiate Sailing and Crew but also provide access for beginning sailors and rowers who might not otherwise have an opportunity to get out on the water. Through financial contributions, boat and equipment donations and volunteering your time can you help us: 


Expand Academically Enriching Waterfront Programs

Enhance existing Maritime Adventure Boat Camp and add additional programs with hands-on math and science activities to spark children's natural curiosity.


Develop a High School Sailing Center

Operate turn key facility that would provide sailboats, coach boats, dock facilities, coaches, practices and regattas to enable area students to participate on a high school sailing team or provide first class practice facilities for area high school students.


Sustain Hands-on Safe Powerboat Handling Programs

Provide additional opportunities to teach hands-on safe powerboat handling courses for children and adults.