Strategic Planning

In fall 2016, SUNY Maritime College began developing a new strategic plan to define our future. Over the past year, we have engaged in many productive conversations in a collaborative process with stakeholders across the Maritime community.

To build on this high level of collaboration, the strategic planning committee has decided to revise the timeline to allow for an extra month of engagement and discussion. The final plan will be presented for endorsement by the faculty and other stakeholders in January.

The strategic planning effort is motivated by the maritime industry’s rapidly changing landscape, including information technology, safety and cyber security, environmental factors, ships systems and automation, and shifts in the international and domestic shipping markets. Equally important are changes also taking place in higher education, including college financing models, student demographic shifts and globalization.

Over the past year the strategic planning committee has met five times and our consultant AKA Strategy has met with many key industry leaders and alumni to get their input and thoughts on the anticipated future of the industries we serve. As a result of these efforts, we have identified six focus areas the strategic plan will address:

  • Achieve New Heights of Academic Excellence

  • Empower a Maritime “Faculty for the Future”

  • Cultivate Strong External Partnerships

  • Champion Diversity and Inclusion

  • Foster a Vibrant Student Life Experience

  • Realize our Future

For each focus area, the committee developed approximately three broad objectives. We are in the most important phase of the strategic planning process: defining strategic action items that will enable us to achieve each objective and realize the vision articulated for each focus area. 

During convocation on August 17, faculty and staff reviewed the focus areas and objectives. They began to help generate specific and measurable strategic actions that the college will undertake to achieve each objective. 

In early October, a draft strategic plan will be released and the committee will seek input from faculty, staff, industry leaders, and alumni as we work to finalize it. The plan will also be presented at campus-wide town halls.

Rear Adm. Alfultis and the committee members remain committed to an open, transparent and inclusive process in which the entire Maritime College community may participate in the development of OUR strategic plan. They look forward to hearing your thoughts as the process moves forward and the plan is solidified.