Marine Technology - Small Vessel Operations

Marine Technology / Small Vessel Operations



Department of Professional Education and Training


Upon completion of an Associate Degree in Applied Science in Marine Technology Small Vessel Operations Deck or Engine the student will be able to:

  • Employ personal/time management skills to set goals and establish timeframes for completing them;
  • Integrate learning activities that enhance communication, critical thinking and quantitative reasoning skills as they apply to limited tonnage and/or horsepower vessels in oceans or near coastal trade;
  • Have confidence in understanding maritime operations; and
  • Obtain employment in the maritime industry 




Industry Advisory Board






This rewarding program features hands-on training with state-of-the-art navigation, cargo, and tugboat bridge simulation preparing cadets for jobs aboard workboats including tugboats, towboats, and offshore supply vessels. Cadets in this program will be well versed in navigation, piloting, cargo, communications, vessel operations, and business of towing. Graduates may earn a Mate Oceans or Near Coastal Steam and Motor Vessels of 500 or 1,600 Gross Tons by ompleting the program and successfully passing U.S. Coast Guard exams.

This specialized program features hands-on training to operate, maintain and repair propulsion engines, generators and pumps. Using state-of-the-art engine simulators as well as applied learning opportunities aboard the Training Ship Empire State VI during Summer Sea Team and three Cadet Shipping assignments, students can earn a U.S. Coast Guard

Assistant Engineer – Limited (Oceans) Steam or Motor Vessels of Any Horsepower on Inland Waters and of 1,600 Gross Tons in Oceans, Near Coastal and Great Lakes Service







Kirby Inland, Florida Marine



Bouchard, McAllister Towing, Moran, Crowley, Reinauer, Vane, Kirby Offshore, OSG, DonJon Marine, Millers,

Dann Ocean Towing, Dann Marine Towing, Buchanan Marine, Genesis Marine, NY State Marine HWY, Norfolk Tug


Harbor Assist

G&H Towing, Wilmington Tug


Offshore Supply Vessels

Hornbeck Offshore, Edison Chouest, Gulfmart

Captain Dan Zorovich

Class of 2012

 “The two-year program at SUNY Maritime helped prepare me for the real world with dynamic internships, cadet shipping, and a great curriculum. I entered the workforce with a good foundation and was able to work on my USCG License starting at age 22 and now hold and work as a Tug Master on my 1,600 Ton License. Maritime College’s 2-year academic 1,600 ton program is First and Foremost in the United States.”