Senior Class Gift Campaign

Senior Class Gift Challenge!

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What is the Class of 2017 Senior Gift Campaign?

The Senior Class Gift campaign is an opportunity for seniors to come together one last time before graduation in order to promote a philanthropic spirit among the graduating class. By providing an opportunity to start giving back to their alma mater, SUNY Maritime seniors take their first steps toward becoming proud alumni and help to ensure a bright future for the next generation of SUNY Maritime students.

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SUNY Maritime has been challenged by MMA to see which senior class can drum up the most support for their school! 

  • The challenge will start on Saturday, April 1 and last through Tuesday, April 18.
  • The competition will be based on participation – whichever school has the larger percentage of their senior class donate to their senior class fund will deemed the winner.


Where does the money go?

Donations to the SUNY Maritime 2017 Senior Class Gift can support any area you choose!

  • Want to give back to your academic department or honor your favorite professor? Simply designate your gift toward the Fund for Academic Excellence to make sure your department has the resources to continue providing a quality education.
  • Wish you could show your appreciation to your coaches and athletic team? Restrict your gift to the Athletic Fund to help your favorite teams pay for equiptment, uniforms and athletic facility improvements.
  • Did you recieve a scholarship that helped you get through school and you want to pay it forward? Then, give your gift to the General Scholarship Fund to help future students like you.


Why Should You Give?

You will always remember your days at SUNY Maritime, the professors who taught you and the lifelong friends you made.  As a member of the SUNY Maritime family, we ask that you help continue the legacy that shaped your experience at Maritime by making a gift to the 2017 Senior Class Gift Campaign.

And if that’s not reason enough to donate, here are some of the most common excuses for not donating, debunked:

  • I already paid tuition.

Good investment! But tuition only covers about 2/3 the cost of a SUNY Maritime education. The remainder is paid through public and private support, like gifts from alumni. Your gift could help a new student access all that Maritime has to offer.

  • SUNY Maritime doesn’t need the money.

Think again. Keeping SUNY Maritime strong protects the value of your degree - the better Maritime looks, the better your degree looks to employers.

  • Someone else will do it.

NO ONE ELSE CAN DO YOUR PART. You’re important! You count! Support the Class of 2016 gift effort, and leave your mark.

  • I don’t have money to spare right now.

We understand you have a lot of financial commitments that may ease in the years ahead. But remember, whether it is $5, $50 or $500, your gift makes a difference. In ranking undergraduate schools, U.S. News and World Report evaluates whether alumni care enough to give back. Alumni donation participation is considered when colleges and universities are applying for grant money. So remember, every gift counts.


Contact Ashley Scotti, Director of Annual Giving at or, talk to any member of the Student Philanthropy Council.

Special Incentives!


Give $20.17 or more to commemorate your commencement and get a SUNY Maritime aluminum water bottle!


And the best incentive of all – to beat MMA!


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