The conversation begins

Friday, February 17, 2017


The conversation begins

The strategic planning committee’s first meeting of the new term began with a welcome from Adm. Alfultis, who introduced Maritime’s consulting partners in the strategic planning process, Tony Knerr and John Braunstein, of AKA|Strategy. Tony and John provided an overview of and time table for the strategic planning process, and asked for questions and input from the committee members.

Adm. Alfultis re-emphasized his commitment to ensuring that the planning process is transparent and to keeping the Maritime community informed and seeking its input throughout. Members of the committee stressed the importance of seeking input not only from inside the college community but from Maritime’s external constituents—alumni, the maritime industry (conceived of broadly), SUNY representatives, and the like. To that end, the committee discussed the focus group discussions with outside individuals and groups that will be held in late January and February and identified the kinds of individuals and experiences that should be represented. (Committee members will participate in as many of the focus groups as possible.)

AKA then moderated a discussion of a set of “early working hypotheses” (which had been shared with the committee in advance) about Maritime’s current challenges, opportunities and possible options.

The committee had a vigorous conversation around the hypotheses and agreed that it would be important to return to them for further discussion at the next meeting. AKA will conduct a much broader set of interviews and focus groups in late January and February, as described, and develop the initial set of working hypotheses further based on ideas from those meetings and the conversation with the committee today.