Three commissioned into US Navy

Wednesday, February 01, 2017


Three commissioned into US Navy

Three SUNY Maritime College students in the Naval Reserve Officers Training Corps program recently received their commission as U.S. Navy officers.

Capt. Clinton Carroll, former commander of the Navy’s Amphibious Squadron Three administered the oath of office to midshipmen Kelsey Ireland of Mount Olive, New Jersey, Phillip Gervato from Toms River New Jersey; and John Nothacker, of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

During the ceremony, Carroll advised the three ensigns to listen, lead and learn always.

“Listen to understand, not to respond or to get to the next task at hand. Listening underpins everything you do. Learn. Learning will not only determine your actions today but your qualifications and opportunities for senior service tomorrow,” he said. “Most importantly, lead. Never forget the advice to take care of yourself and to take care of your sailors.

“At times you will fail but you will be defined not by your failure but your actions after.”

Ireland, who graduated with a degree in Marine Transportation, and Gervato, a Marine Business and Commerce graduate, were commissioned as naval officers. They will report to Norfolk, Virginia, in March for a Navy post commissioning indoctrination course.

Nothacker, who graduated in Naval Architecture will be entering the Navy’s Surface Warfare division. He will report to the Arleigh Burke-class guided missile destroyer, USS Ross, in Rota, Spain.

The oath that they took is a tradition established by the founding fathers, Carroll said. The words have changed but the values of honor, courage and commitment have stayed the same through the centuries.

Also during the ceremony, the newly commissioned officers received their first salutes, another time-honored tradition. Each student selected a superior officer who helped them earn their commission.

The Navy ROTC program at SUNY Maritime is partnered with Columbia University, Fordham University and Molloy College. The program’s goal is to commission officers in the Navy and Marine Corps.