Luce Library Mission Statement

The Stephen B. Luce Library contributes to the overall mission of the college by providing resources and services to meet the intellectual and academic needs of students, faculty, and staff, ashore and afloat.  Our primary focus is to support the undergraduate and graduate instructional programs, academic and professional, of SUNY Maritime College.  When possible, the library extends services to those outside the college community.  Continuing goals of the Luce Library are to:

  1. Select, acquire, organize and maintain the information resources in all formats that best support the needs of the academic and instructional programs; to access resources beyond the immediate collection through interlibrary loan and electronic retrieval systems; to incorporate technology wherever appropriate to expand the library’s collection and services.

  2. Facilitate the utilization of resources by providing quality on-site reference service to assist and instruct library users in identifying, locating, evaluating and using information resources.

  3. Provide bibliographic instruction to prepare students to retrieve and evaluate information for their college studies, as well as for lifelong learning.

  4. Provide access to resources with a broad range of perspectives, viewpoints, and approaches in keeping with the university’s commitment to a climate of diversity.

  5. Maintain an attractive facility with an environment conducive to study and research.

  6. Maintain capable, motivated and highly skilled staff through systematic programs of career development and effective utilization of individual talents.

  7. Promote the use of the library and information resources.

  8. Acquire, preserve, and promote special collections.