Indoctrination 2017

Indoctrination 2017

Welcome Aboard, Class of 2021

Indoctrination begins the day you arrive on campus, August 16. 

INDOC is a highly structured program designed to introduce new students to life in the regiment of cadets and to begin to prepare them for a career working onboard a commercial vessel. INDOC's structured schedule includes set training objectives that emphasize personal responsibility, professional and leadership development, and teamwork.

Please review the schedule for Arrival Day carefully before you come to campus. Knowing what to expect will ensure a smooth experience.

The Reporting Requirements and list of Items for INDOC and 4th Class Year will also help you to prepare for success at indoctrination and after.

Read a letter from Capt. Rick Smith '81, commandant of cadets and master of the Training Ship EMPIRE STATE VI.