STEM Day at SUNY Maritime

STEM*Stem Day is Cancelled due to weather. Please keep checking this page for updates.


9 a.m. to 1 p.m., Saturday, October 27

Grades 7 - 12

  • Complete a robot obstacle course
  • Help reintroduce oysters to the East River
  • Navigate a tug in an immersive simulator


**Online Registration is closed.  We will be taking walk-ins Saturday morning from 8:30 am - 9:00 am **



Billion Oyster Project

Explore Science, Technology, Engineering and Math with SUNY Maritime faculty, staff and students.

Students are invited to sign up for any three STEM stations, designed for their age group by experts from Maritime College. All activities are free.


STEM Stations

  • Aye, aye captain!

Walk in and take the helm of a tugboat in our immersive, interactive Bouchard Transportation Tug and Barge Simulation Center. Steer your tugboat through the East River, and learn to calculate how water changes the way propellors move boats through the water.

  • What's in my water?

Have you ever wondered how much lead is in your water? Bring a sample from home or your school water fountain and find out! Students will be testing water samples for common contaminants.

  • Fun with Numbers

Discover the fun in math calculations. Learn to work with binary numbers, explore the math behind pineapples and flower petals with Fibonacci, and quiz someone else on an expression that you will create.

  • Marine Science: Billions of Oysters, Marine Life and East River Water quality

Dig in up to your elbows and learn how oysters are bringing life back into the New York Harbor. In this hands-on session, students will explore Maritime College's oyster restoration stations, measure oyster growth, identify East River marine life and test water quality. The stations are part of the ongoing Billion Oyster Project's restoration efforts to bring oysters back and improve the water and habitat quality in the harbor.

  • travel back in time

Travel back in time to see how the marine environment around SUNY Maritime’s campus has changed by looking at the mud and sand preserved offshore. We will examine minerals, shells, and dead plant matter to understand how the environment has changed and make small-scale models of global environmental change to predict how the environment may change in the future.

  • Power puzzles 

A ship's engine does more than move it through the water - it provides heat, light, refrigeration and plumbing on board. Its controls, valves and pipes come together to form a giant tangram, or puzzle. Put the puzzle together in our immersive engine room simulator to discover how ships create and provide power to all onboard.

  • Robot obstacle course

Come discover problem solving through coding. Learn how to build basic commands into a series of actions for a robot. Then, use what you've learned to guide the robot through an obstacle course.

  • Clean and renewable energy

Grades 7 to 9 only

Addressing the effects of climate change should be a top priority for future generations. As global temperatures rise, national disasters increase and the high electricity demand put stress of our use of natural resources. Let's look at what can be done to save our environment and our future. Come investigate types of clean and renewable energy and learn how to build a wind turbine that uses wind energy to generate electricity.

  • Physics in Action

Want to learn about the principles of charging process? Electrostatic electricity will be shown using the Van de Graaff generator. Voltages in excess of 200,000 V can be generated.

Come and learn the principles of electromagnetic induction that make possible a lot of technological devices such as motors, magnetic credit card readers etc.

Come and learn about the motion of electrons in magnetic fields and see the motion of an electron beam in presence of a magnetic field.


Environmental Testing

Optional Activities

Visitors are welcome to spend extra time on campus, exploring what else SUNY Maritime has to offer. These activities will begin at 12:30. The last tours leave at 1:30.

  • Explore Campus

Explore SUNY Maritime College's campus and programs with a tour from the Office of Admissions.

Tours leave every half hour beginning at 12:30 p.m. The tour takes about an hour.

  • Tour the Empire State VI

The college Training Ship Empire State VI is a vital part of the education of many Maritime students. It's where they gain the hands-on experience and training that sets the college apart.

Tours leave every half hour beginning at 12:30. The tour takes approximately an hour.

  • Eat on the Mess Deck

Eat lunch in the Mess Deck, the main campus dining hall.
Price: $11 a person (cash only)