Health Services FAQs

Is there any cost to the student for evaluation in the Health Center?

No. Our services are covered by the Student Health Services fee. Occasionally there will be out of pocket expenses or a need to bill insurance for certain additional services such as physical therapy, lab tests, etc.


If my son or daughter has had a physical within a year of admission to Maritime, may we use that one?

Yes, but the information must be transcribed by your provider onto our health forms and the USCG Physical, form CG-719K. We cannot accept any health/medical forms.


If my son or daughter has had a physical within a year of admission to Maritime and our insurance will not cover another physical until after the deadline of the health forms, may we use that one?

Yes, but the physical information must be transcribed by your provider onto Maritime’s Health Forms - specifically the USCG Physical CG-719K form.  We cannot accept any other physical forms.


If I am non-regimental student and NOT pursuing a USCG License (Merchant Mariner Credential) do I still need to complete the new incoming student health forms?

YES.  However, non-regimental students do not need to complete the following 2 forms:

  1. Medical Disqualifying Policy for USCG Licensing (MMC) Form (REGIMENTAL STUDENTS ONLY)

  2. Medical Clearance Form for Indoctrination (REGIMENTAL STUDENTS ONLY)


Why do I need to complete the USCG Physical CG-719K Form if I am a non-regimental student?

Maritime requires ALL new incoming students to have a physical performed within the last 12 months on file.  The USCG Physical CG-719K is our required physical form.  


What if my doctor does not have the acceptable USCG color vision testing available?

Color vision testing will be performed during Orientation or Indoctrination, so your doctor can leave that blank.


The USCG Physical form, CG-719K has an expiration date of 01/31/2016 located in the right upper corner.  Is this form expired?

No.  Please ignore the Exp. Date: 01/31/2016 on the USCG Physical form, CG-719K.  This is the current version of the form.


What is the SUNY Maritime Immunization policy?

New York State Public Health Law requires you to provide proof of immunity to measles, mumps and rubella. Official documentation of your immunization history must be provided.  Cadets in the Regimental Program seeking a USCG Merchant Mariner Credential are NOT exempt. Medical exemptions for non USCG license students require a signed physician statement that includes the reason, specific immunizations that apply and an end date for the exemption.  Students with medical conditions that prohibit immunization are urged to submit blood titer results to identify immune status to measles, mumps and rubella. Those with religious beliefs that prohibit immunization are encouraged to do the same or to submit in writing a request for a waiver of the requirement. The request should document sincerely held religious belief and be accompanied by supporting documentation. Students who aren’t documented as immune may be excluded from campus in the event of a measles, mumps or rubella outbreak.  


What is the SUNY Maritime Tuberculosis Screening Policy?

ALL Maritime students are required to have a tuberculosis screening within 6 months of entry into Maritime, REGARDLESS of risk or known exposure.


Is sickle cell testing mandatory for all students?

No.  Sickle cell testing is only mandatory for athletes AND cadet shipping applicants.