Watch Bills

                      SUNY MARITIME WATCHBILLS

  • Watchbills will be posted on each floor in the dorms as well as on the T-board under the Mess Deck.  

  • Idlers will either be notified in person or by email if they will be standing a watch.

  • All watch exchanges must be accompanied by a watch exchange form (found in the link below) and must be submitted at least 48 hours before the watch.

  • Questions regarding watches should be directed toward your company's respective XO, a list of current rates can be found in the lobby of each dorm.

                                                     WATCH EXCHANGE FORM (2017-2018)

                    If a letter is underlined that means a watchbill has been uploaded for that day.

To view the watchbill for a certain day, click on the letters in parenthesis under that date and the watchbill should start downloading.