Class of 1973 Endowed Scholarship Fund

Class of 1973 .1

In recognition of our upcoming 50th reunion, and with great appreciation for the impact that our Fort Schuyler education had on our lives, the Class of 1973 has established the Class of 1973 Endowed Scholarship Fund. The Fund will be used to help defray the cost of a Summer Sea Term by providing one Deck and One Engine partial scholarship per year. The cost of participating in the first-class Summer Sea Term is now about $16,000. For many, the cost is just too much to cover.

We have witnessed significant change over the past 50 years; however, the life-long impact and significance of a Fort Schuyler education remains steadfast. Today’s students continue to strive for and achieve excellence, both at sea and on shore. Graduates from our alma mater enjoy high job placement and continue to be sought-after by top companies. Let us leave a legacy of which we can all be proud, and that will aid cadets for decades to come.

Class of 1973 .3

We truly hope you will join your classmates and donate to this fund before we celebrate our 50th reunion. We call on you, our fellow classmates, to contribute a generous gift toward these fundraising efforts.