James Drogan

James Drogan is an educator and management consultant with extensive experience in assisting transportation, logistics, retail, distribution and computer services firms around the world improve the performance of their businesses through the application of information technology.  He is experienced in the design, development and teaching of graduate and executive level education.  He has major strengths in business engineering and information technology strategy.  As an imaginative out-of-the-box thinker with an emphasis on ideas, innovation and longrange planning, he has often been involved in first-of-a-kind projects.  His focus is on producing real outcomes from fact-based systematic thinking.  Over an extensive career with IBM he established a reputation as an excellent team player with a strong commitment to clients. 

Drogan is currently a Senior Lecturer in the Global Business and Transportation Department at the Maritime College.  He was the Chair of the the Global Business and Transportation Department from April 2012 through December 2015, and Acting Director of the Graduate Program in International Transportation Management from May 2005 through August 2006.   In September 2007 he was named Director on Online Programs at Maritime.  He teaches graduate and undergraduate courses in international business, logistics, supply chain, marketing management, intermodal freight transportation, management information systems, systems design and control, and transportation management.  He also teaches the Leadership course to incoming freshman each fall.  He designed, developed, and delivered the first distance learning course at Maritime. 

Prior to joining the Maritime College, Drogan was affiliated with Baruch College as an Adjunct Professor in the Marketing Department where he taught a graduate level course in international logistics. He was a member of the Steering Committee of the Executives-on-Campus Program and a member of the Business Advisory Council of the Bernard L. Schwartz Communications Institute.  He was coauthor of the first Adjunct Faculty Handbook at Baruch College. 
He has been a guest lecturer at Baruch and Maritime colleges, Northwestern and Quinnipiac universities on such diverse topics as communications, ethics, information technology, marketing, and international business.  

Appointments are appreciated: X7289, jdrogan@sunymaritime.edu, or see Nina

  • Master of Arts in Diplomacy, Norwich University, June 2011. 

  • Advanced Freight Seminar, Northwestern University Transportation Center, 1989, 1990, 1991. 

  • The Special Studies Program in Transportation: Logistics Analysis for Carriers and Shippers, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, 1983. 

  • The Special Studies Program in Transportation: Transportation System Management and Analysis, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, 1982. 

  • Railroad Institute, Multisystems, Inc., 1981. 

  • Systems Research Institute, IBM, 1976. 

  • Railroad Institute, Harvard Graduate School of Business, 1974. 

  • BS in Applied Science, Southern Illinois University, 1965.


I'm currently interested in management information systems, logistics, marketing, supply chain, and transportation because I teach these subjects.

I'm interested in the tools and techniques of education because I teach.

I'm interested in adaptive enterprises, learning organizations, real options, highly reliable organizations, cultural change, sustainable organizations, and the balanced scorecard because I see them as key ideas for securing organizational health in the future.

I'm interested in education on a broader scale than intimated above; health, economics, globalization, and foreign policy because these issues form the base on which the others sit.