Jongho Byun Faculty Bio Picture
  • Ph.D. Transportation (Planning and Economics) at NJIT, Newark, NJ USA and Management Science/Information Technology at Rutgers, Newark, NJ USA
  • M.A. Economics at Sogang University, Seoul, Korea
  • Jongho Byun and Janice Daniel, "Rain Adjustment Factor under Rain Conditions," American Society of Civil Engineers, 2011
  • Jongho Byun and Janice Daniel, "Freeway Speed-Flow relationship under Adverse Weather," Thesis of NJIT, NJ, May 2009.
  • Jongho Byun, “Speed-Flow Relationships under Adverse Weather Conditions,” Transportation Research Board, the 88th Annual Meeting (Peer Reviewed), Washington DC, January 2010.
  • Jongho Byun, Janice Daniel, and Steven Chien, "Impact of Adverse Weather on Freeway Speeds and Flows," Transportation Research Board, the 88th Annual Meeting (Peer Reviewed), Washington DC, January 2009.
  • Jongho Byun, Janice Daniel, and Steven Chien, "Estimating Average Travel Speed under Adverse Weather Conditions," the 2nd International Symposium on Freeway and Tollway Operations (Peer Reviewed), Hawaii, June 2009.
  • Steven Chien and Jongho Byun. "Optimization of Stop spacing and Headway for A Transit Route Considering Realistic Passenger Wait Time." American Society of Civil Engineers, February 2008
  • Steven Chien and Jongho Byun. "Performance Evaluation of an Intelligent Dynamic Merge Control System for Highway Work Zones." USDOT-FHWA & NJDOT, January 2007
  • SUNY Maritime College, NY, NY
  • Hanyang University, Ansan City, South Korea
  • LG co., Ltd. South Korea
  • Economics: Microeconomics, Macroeconomics, International Trade, Mathematical Economics, Optimization.
  • Transportation: Multimodal Freight Transportation, Geographic Information System, Traffic Control, Land Use Planning, Public Transit Operation and Technique, Distribution Logistics, Urban Transit Planning, Traffic Study and Capacity, Urban System Engineering.
  • Statistics and Probability: Mathematical Economics, Regression Analysis, Multivariate Analysis, Introduction to Probability, Linear Programming, Stochastic Processes, Nonlinear Programming, Introduction to Statistical Linear Models, Design of Experiment.
  • Supply Chain Management: E-Commerce, Introduction to Supply Chain Management, Procurement Management, Models and Algorithms in Supply Chain Management, Introduction to Stochastic Model in Supply Chain Management, Computational Project in Operations Management.