Promote multigenerational Camaraderie, Competition, and Excellence on the water with New York Maritime Alumni and supporters to aid in the achievement of the waterfront’s mission to Develop Leaders and Produce Champions – students who reach their full potential on and off the water.


  • Virtual Regattas

  • Alumni Regatta

  • Compete in local and regional regattas

  • Crew Lists

  • Waterfront Family Picnic

  • Open Waterfront/BBQs

  • Raft-up/Meet-up

  • Team/Student Support - guest coaching, career mentoring

  • Volunteer Work Parties – to maintain/improve boats/facilities

  • Community Service


  • Open to All – Maritime Alumni and Friends (i.e. previous volunteers, guest coaches, alumni of all programs)

  • “Membership Fee” - an annual tax deductible donation of any amount to the Sailing or Crew Teams or Waterfront Fund will put you on the email list for Yacht Club events (in light of processing costs, $10 minimum please). As your entire donation will support programs for students, most yacht club events will include a registration fee.

  • Commitment Contribution in addition to financial contributions, members are encouraged to demonstrate their commitment to Maritime by helping organize Yacht Club events, attending work parties, assisting the teams, etc.

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