All Maritime Challenge

Maritime Alumni Challenge 

May 6-20
Muster with your mates and show your pride in your Maritime College degree with the Maritime Alumni Participation Challenge

Competition across four schools to prove one point… Who has the best alumni?

The Stakes!
Winning School: Awarded with a trophy to display for one year! 

Losing Schools: Presidents have to wear the logo of the winning school during morning formation!




$20,000 Challenge        

Russ Paret, Keith Zelinski, and Chris Hughes – all 1992 graduates, and founders of Schuyler Line Navigation Company – have stepped up for the All-Maritime Challenge, with a $20,000 matching gift offer for all fellow alumni.

Every gift over the next two weeks will be matched $1 for $1, up to $20,000 in total, by the Schuyler Line founders. Make your gift today to help secure this entire challenge!

About SLNC:

Schuyler Line Navigation Company, LLC (SLNC) is a leader in operating commercial U.S. flag vessels. Schuyler Line provides a variety of shipping and logistics services in Northern European markets, North, Central and South American markets, West African markets, and Caribbean markets. Schuyler Line offers specialized strategies for our customers, excelling in turn-key solutions in austere areas. The company has an extensive global network, providing our customers with unparalleled service from ports in the USA to destinations around the world.



Alumni from

  • California State University Maritime Academy

  • Maine Maritime Academy

  • Massachusetts Maritime Academy

  • SUNY Maritime College


Give any amount between May 6th and May 20th to be counted as a donor. The announcement of the winner will be made on May 24h. Gifts of a check, credit card, cash and stocks all count. Pledges don’t count unless fulfilled before the end of the challenge. You may designate where your gift goes and how it is used. The challenge is based on participation, so make a gift and help us beat Maine, Mass, and Cali! 


Your Gift Serves two core functions:

  • They enhance the educational opportunities for current students

  • They boost the school’s reputation. Alumni giving participation helps your school move up in the ranks of national higher-education rankings.

All of this helps you – improving the quality of your school makes your degree and experience worth more. 


Give online, by check, by phone, or come into the office. All gifts are tax deductible. Support Fort Schuyler Today!