Class Rates

1/C Cadet Rates and Privileges

Effective immediately, 1/C female cadets may French-braid their hair in lieu of the bun.  In compliance with existing grooming standards, the end of the braid may not fall below the lower edge of the back of the collar and shall be inconspicuously fastened, pinned or secured to the back of the head.  This is a 1/C rate only and 1/C females should enforce this standard among the underclass.     

Effective immediately, pearl earrings (4-6 mm or 1/8 – ¼ inch in size) may be worn with all uniforms in accordance with existing guidance for earrings.

1/C Open Gangway List and Policy

2/C Cadet Rates and Privileges

3/C Cadet Rates and Privileges

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