Data Request Policy

Policy statement

The Institutional Research and Assessment Department encourages and supports the use of institutional data, analysis, and research for the decision making, in keeping with SUNY Maritime College’s educational mission.


Purpose of this policy

The primary purpose of this document is to be a useful resource for anyone needing institutional information to support a project, initiative, or presentation. It describes and explains guidelines for the use of institutional data.


Data Request Process

Contact person: Capt. Mark Woolley, 718-409-3224,

1. For all data requests, please visit our website Data Request Form.

2.  Complete this form and get approval by department chair or director, then submit to IR&A department. Data request received without department chair or director approval will not be processed.

3. IR&A staff will work with data requesting party to focus on what is needed to complete data request and clarify any definition issues, however all data requests to IR&A should include the purpose of the project and how the data will be used. Providing as many details as possible about the project and the needed data will help IR&A work much more effectively, thus also benefiting the requesting party.

4. To guarantee accuracy and customer satisfaction, IR&A normally requires a two weeks turnaround period for requests. Please give us as much time as possible when requesting data, as some requests take longer than others depending on the nature of the data.

5. IR&A does not own HR, Finance, Financial Aid, and Sports data. Please contact corresponding department or IT department (contact Margie Maillard, 718-409-4855,

6. In general, data will only be provided in the aggregate. All requests will adhere to guidelines set forth by the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA).



1. Unless the data is publicly available, the results of studies using SUNY Maritime College’s administrative data will not be made public, or published, without the approval of the committee or the person that initiated the study, and IR&A Department.

2. To protect privacy, unless there is a clearly demonstrated educational need to have personally identifying information, IR&A will present information only in summary form; or if it is in unit record form, it will be provided with any personal identifiers stripped from the records.