David Wickham

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Professor Wickham is a Senior Lecturer of Chemistry. He received his Masters of Science at Long Island University and his Bachelors of Science at Stony Brook University. He is responsible for teaching laboratory and lecture courses in chemistry and materials science and also serves as an advisor to MES students.  His primary academic interests revolve around analytical and computational chemistry and their applications in industrial and environmental sciences. 

Prior to pursuing a career in education, Professor Wickham was employed in industry, where he held positions in R&D, marketing and technical training.  His most recent industrial position was product development manager for a division of Beckman Coulter Inc. responsible for developing laboratory data products.  He has also been a product manager and technical trainer with companies involved in manufacturing analytical chemistry instrumentation for automated wet chemical analysis, near infrared spectroscopy, chromatography and chemical data analysis. Professor Wickham has written a book chapter, manuals and presented technical papers on topics related to chemical data analysis, laboratory data systems and chromatography.

  • B.S. -- Stony Brook University

  • M.S. -- Long Island University