GBAT Policy on Promotion, Retention, & Tenure

Click here to review the departmental policy applying to full-time faculty. The matrix shows the criteria for each level of appointment from lecturer to tenure-track.

Dr. Robert Edmonds, GBAT Department Chairperson

Full-time GBAT faculty members:

Professor Dennis Cooney, Chair of the Departmental Advisory Committee (DAC), local Vice President of the United University Professionals (UUP), and one of the ITT Academic Advisors; a maritime lawyer and Master in the Merchant Marine, Professor Cooney teaches, among other courses, GBUS 100 Introduction to Business and Economics, GBTT 251 Transportation Systems, GBTT 451 Marine Insurance, and (in Spring 2012) TMGT 8430 Ocean Marine Cargo Insurance and Loss Adjusting.

Senior Lecturer James Drogan, former Chair of the Global Business and Transportation (GBAT) Department, Director of Online Programs, former Acting Director of the MS Graduate Program in International Transportation Management, a former Adjunct Professor in the Marketing Department at Baruch College, and a former lead consultant with IBM; Drogan teaches both undergraduate and graduate classes, including GBTT 251 Transportation Systems, GBTT 351 International Logistics, TMGT 7200 Management Information Systems in Transportation, TMGT 7300 Transportation Management, TMGT 7400 Logistics within the Supply Chain, and TMGT 8510 System Design and Control.

Assistant Professor Robert G. Edmonds, Chair of the Global Business and Transportation and the department’s representative on the faculty Curriculum Committee is a former adjunct instructor at several area colleges, and a former sales executive with several international apparel businesses. His teaching expertise includes GBMG 341 Organizational Management, GBMG 345 Fundamentals of Marketing, GBMG 443 Cross Cultural Management, GBUS 300 International Business, and GBUS 526 ITT Study Tour. He is an academic advisor to ITT majors.

Assistant Professor Victoria “Vicki” Ferritto, developed the graduate student orientation process and teaches TMGT 6001 Orientation to Graduate Studies; she is a former Executive Vice President of Overseas Outsourcing Group, in which capacity she prioritized production in Asian countries and administered contractual obligations. She holds a PhD program in Organization and Management from Capella University, Minneapolis, MN. Other courses that she teaches includes GBUS 100 Introduction to Business and Economics, GBTT 251 Transportation Systems, and GBMG 341 Organizational Management.

Professor Larry Howard, former Chair of the Global Business and Transportation (GBAT) Department, Chair of the Graduate Program Policy Board, a committee of the Academic College which oversees the College’s graduate programs. Former Acting Chair of the Business Administration Department at California Maritime Academy and former Market Research Manager, Mitsui OSK Lines North America; Howard holds a PhD in Political Science from the University of Washington, Seattle (1981). His teaching expertise includes GBLW 437 International Law, GBTT 351 International Logistics, GBTT 460 Global Supply Chain Security, GBTT 462 Science and Technological Issues of Security, GBTT 465 Lectures in Contemporary Security Issues, GBUS 100 Introduction to Business and Economics, TMGT 7300 Transportation Management, TMGT 7400 Logistics within the Supply Cha in, TMGT 8501 Supply Chain Management I, TMGT 8502 Supply Chain Management II. Howard also supervises the ITT and ITM internship programs. He is an academic advisor to ITT majors and to graduate students.

Professor Francis “Stash” Pelkowski, is faculty lead for the GBAT Panel of Successful Graduates that is held every November and brings back a selection of graduated ITT and ITM students to tell their stories and be role models for current students. Pelkowski is active in the USCG reserve at the rank of captain, is a former CEO of a towing company and an Executive VP of Compliance at another. He holds a JD and an MBA. His teaching expertise includes GBLW 435 Environmental Law and Policy, GBTT 457 Port and Terminals Management, TMGT 7300 Transportation Management, TMGT 7500 International Business and Transportation Law, TMGT 8320 Port and Terminal Management, and TMGT 8330 Analysis of Integrated Ocean Transportation and Ports.

Professor Riccardo Pellicciaro, is senior GBAT faculty lead in finance. He holds a PhD in Economics from Fordham University, and among the classes in his teaching portfolio are GBEC 121 Macroeconomics, GBEC 122 Microeconomics, GBEC 427 Financial Management, GBMG 440 Seminar in Strategic Development, and TMGT 8230 Ship Finance. Pellicciaro is GBAT representative to the faculty Assessment Committee, and has chaired several GBAT task forces to update program curricula, including one on modernizing the graduate program offerings that resulted in adding TMGT 7060 Systems Analysis and Operations Research to the mandatory core courses, and another updating lower division economics classes.

Assistant Professor Alison Romain, is the faculty lead for GBAT’s accounting classes, She holds an MBA from Fordham University with a dual concentration in Finance and Communications and Media Management. Romain is Chair of the faculty Student Policy Committee and is a member of the Middle States Assessment Steering Committee. Among her teaching portfolio are the classes GBAC 311 Financial Accounting, GBAC 315 Managerial Accounting, GBEC 427 Financial Management, and TMGT 8210 Transportation Managerial Accounting. 

Professor Jeffrey A. Weiss, a former Vice President of Academic Affairs and Provost of Maritime College, former Director of the graduate program, and Educational Consultant for the Association of Shipbrokers and Agents, is a practicing maritime attorney, member of the Bars of New York and the United States District Court, Southern and Eastern Districts of New York. He holds a JD from Pace University School of Law. Weiss is the GBAT representative on the Committee on Appointments and Promotions (CAP.) His teaching portfolio includes GBTT 251 The Business of Shipping, GBMG 453 Import Export Traffic Management, GBLW 433 Admiralty Law, TMGT 8440 Maritime Law, TMGT 8450 Advanced Charter Parties I, TMGT 8460 Advanced Charter Parties II, and TMGT 8465 Advanced Topics in Shipping.

Professor and Distinguished Service Professor Shmuel (Sam) Z. Yahalom, PhD, was a member of the Search Committee for Maritime College’s President in 2010-2011. Yahalom is College Research Director and Director of the International Transportation Research Center and a former Director of the graduate program. He is a Visiting Scholar at Shanghai Maritime University and Ruppin Academic Center in Israel. He holds a PhD in Economics from City University of New York.