Summer Sea Term

Experience The World

Summer sea term is one of the requirements to earning a U.S. Coast Guard license.Track the Empire State

As part of the program, cadets - either deck or engine license candidates - must accrue at least 180 days at sea before they graduate. Time is earned during summer sea term journeys after freshman, sophomore and junior years.

Through summer sea term, cadets travel around the world gaining vital hands-on experience in operating a ship and dealing with port traffic. Cadets sail aboard the Training Ship Empire State VI, a 565-foot, steam-powered vessel that serves as a floating lab during the school year. 

The cruise itinerary changes every year to include ports around the U.S. East Coast and Europe. The ship usually leaves the Monday after May commencement and returns to campus in early August.

2019 Summer Sea Term Information

Parents should be advised that cadets are aware of the process/procedure for receiving medical/dental attention in ports if they have a medical/dental complaint that cannot be remedied by the Ship's professional medical team. The Ship's Doctor is the person authorized to initiate 'off-the-ship' consults. Cadets with any complaints should report immediately to the Ship's Doctor to be diagnosed and, if required, off-the-ship consults will be arranged through the Captain and the ship's agent. These providers ashore are professionals who are familiar with treating mariners and accept the insurance cadets are required to have.

SST 2019 Change-Out

Location of Ship

The ship will be docked at Pier 88 located at 711 12th Avenue on Manhattan’s West Side (close to the Intrepid Museum). No parking or waiting areas are available on Pier 88. For security reasons, family/friends are not authorized to be on the pier or ship to meet Cadets coming off A split or to drop off Cadets for B split.

Due to security reasons, there will be no welcome or departure events for the T/S Empire State in Manhattan (this port will be treated as any other port). The next Welcome Home will be on August 9, when the ship returns to Maritime College.

Cadets Coming Off A Split

Change-out is Friday, June 21, at 1000. Cadets will not be permitted to move any belongings off the ship prior to 1000 on Friday.

There is no special or overnight liberty for Cadets on A split in NYC. Daily liberty times for each class are posted on the ship and can be relayed to family/friends by their Cadet.

Cadets released from the ship will be advised to call/text upon departure from the ship to coordinate a pickup point. Cadets will not be released before 1000.

Cadets Going On B Split

Change-out is Friday, June 21, at 1600. Cadets should not arrive prior to 1500.

All Cadets have received three (3) emails detailing the change-out requirements and should not arrive late as this will be considered "missing ship's movement."

There is no special or overnight liberty for Cadets on B split in NYC. Liberty times for Friday night for each class/division are posted on the ship and can be relayed to family/friends by their Cadet. Liberty on Saturday night will expire at midnight (earlier for under class) for all ship personnel as departure is 0800 on Sunday, June 23.

For all other questions regarding A and B split, family/friends should speak with their Cadet.