Appendix 2: Metrics

Appendix 2: SUNY Maritime College Performance Improvement Plan Metrics


In the fall of 2015, all SUNY campuses were required by statute in the 2015-2016 budget to submit to SUNY a Performance Improvement Plan in order to be eligible for additional funding from the Expanded Investment and Performance Fund. The SUNY Board of trustees delegated approval of campus plans to the Chancellor. SUNY Maritime College’s Performance Improvement Plan was submitted in October 2016 and subsequently approved by the Chancellor.

As part of the Performance Improvement Plan all campuses were required to demonstrate that their long-term goals and strategies were aligned with the six SUNY Excels priorities:

  1. Access: Enrollment; NY residents served; diversity; capacity
  2. Completion: Degrees and certificates awarded; retention; graduation rates; time to degree
  3. Success: Programs that support future student success
  4. Inquiry: Sponsored Activity; Student hands-on research; scholarship; discovery and innovation
  5. Engagement: StartUp NY; alumni philanthropic Support; civic engagement; economic impact

Campuses were requested to provide targets for each of the following metrics that supported the aforementioned priorities.


The following is a list of metrics used to measure our progress toward the goals we set in our Performance Improvement Plan. Accomplishing the objectives and actions delineated in our strategic plan will help us reach the goals we submitted to SUNY for each metric below:


1. Enrollment 5YR

Trends in Fall Student Enrollment and AAFTE

2. FULL Enrollment Beyond Fall

Trends in Student Enrollment Beyond Fall Census

3. Applicant Acceptance

Trends in First-Time Undergraduate Applicants, Acceptances, and Enrollment Yield with Selectivity Data

4. Geographic Diversity 5 Year

Tends in Geographic Diversity of Students

5. Student Diversity 5 Year

Trends in Student Diversity - Race/Ethnicity, Gender, and Pell

6. Faculty Trends

Faculty Trends, with Diversity and Student Faculty Ratios

7. Staff Trends

(Non-instructional) Staff Trends, with Diversity


8. Retention

Trends in First Year Retention for First-Time (Full-Time and Part-Time) and Transfer Matriculated Students

9. First-Time Grad Rates

Trends in Graduation Rates of First-Time Full-Time Students

10. Transfer Grad Rates

Trends in Graduation of Full-Time Undergraduate, Transfer Students

11. Time Credits to Degree

First-Time and Transfer Student Time to Degree (in years) and Average Number of Credits at Graduation

12. SUNY Educ Outcomes

Trends in SUNY Educational Outcomes

13. Degrees Awards Granted

Trends in Degrees/Awards Granted by Academic Level


14. SOS Results Table 1

2012 Student Opinion Survey

15. SOS Results Table 2

Trends in Specific Student Opinion Survey Items

16. Financial Aid Literacy

Trends in Student Default Rates and Financial Literacy


17. Research Expenditures

Trends in Research Expenditures, Disclosures, Patents and Licenses


18. Alumni Philanthropy

Trends in Alumni and Philanthropy