Placement Testing

Most incoming first-year students are placed in a freshman English and math class based on Maritime placement testing, supplemented by other admissions information.

We recommend that you take these exams seriously. If you are placed in a remedial course (for most students, this means below ENGL 101 and a 100-level Calculus course), you may require additional time to complete your degree. 

On-Campus Placement Testing Dates

Click the respective link above for the date you wish to register for.

During placement tests, you will also have the chance to be measured for uniforms, if you will be in the regiment of cadets. 

English placement exam

Students write a short essay, often on a topic of current interest. The essay will be graded on organization, paragraph structure, grammar, etc. Students can be placed into:

  • ENGL 090 Practice in Reading and Writing 

  • ENGL 101 Freshman English I

Math placement Exam

Students are required to take a multiple-choice exam without a calculator.*

The exam covers a range of high-school math topics. Students can be placed in:

  • MATH 080 Elementary Algebra

  • MATH 090 Introduction to College Mathematics (essentially a college algebra and trigonometry course) 

  • 100-level Calculus course

Click here to see a practice math exam.

*  If you have an Individualized Education Program (IEP) or 504 Plan that allows for test accommodations, please email Assistant Dean of Student Affairs Dr. Sherill Anderson or call her at 718-409-7348 before your test date.

Off-Campus Placement Exams

If you live more than 65 miles from campus, you can have your placement exams proctored at your high school, community college, library, etc.

Find a proctor

You will be responsible for obtaining a proctor to administer your exam. The proctor must be a professional and not related of the student. If you have questions about who can serve as a proctor, contact Ridge Robinson, Admissions Counselor, at 718-409-4762.

Request a proctored exam

To request a proctored exam, complete this form.

Placement Test Exemptions

Students who have already earned relevant college credit, through AP, IB or similar college-level courses, may be exempt from taking placement tests. 

To request an exemption from either test, complete this form.

FERPA Release

Please complete the FERPA Release Form with you to the placement testing or orientation.

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