External Partnership Program Brings Panamanian Cadets to INDOC

Panamanian Cadets

In an effort to strengthen external partnerships with the wider global community, Maritime College accepted ten Panamanian cadets and their Captain from the International Maritime University of Panama (IMUP) to work alongside Maritime’s mariners under guidance (MUGs) during the 10-day Indoctrination program (INDOC). The goal of this international collegial collaboration is to offer a unique chance for students from both universities to receive a valuable educational experience by working together. Application to the exchange program required that cadets complete an English proficiency exam, maintain a high GPA and demonstrate leadership skills at their university. The Panamanian cadets (eight men and two women) were grateful to be in New York City to learn on the training ship Empire State VI, advance their leadership skills and participate in INDOC, one of Maritime’s longest held traditions for the new Regiment of Cadets. While each of the Panamanian cadets aspires to work as deck officers, captains and engineers, they collectively agreed that among the most valuable aspects of the exchange partnership was the opportunity to speak English. “We do not speak English in Panama on a daily basis,” stated Cadet Zadquiel Montenegro. “In this environment, we have the opportunity to practice and learn every day.” The cadets who participated in the program were Ian Small, Cesar Valderrama, Felipe Caro, Vicente Qui, Joaquin Martinez, Jean Tunon, Yerimeth Evans, Lesly Gonzalez, Jonathan Castillo, and Zadquiel Montenegro