ABET Accreditation

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What is ABET Accreditation?

ABET accreditation is assurance that a college or university program meets the quality standards established by the profession for which it prepares its students. ABET has four accreditation commissions:

(1) Engineering Accreditation Commission, i.e., EAC,

(2) Technology Accreditation Commission, TAC,

(3) Applied Science Accreditation Commission, ASAC, and

(4) Computing Accreditation Commission. 

Why Is ABET accreditation important?

• Accreditation helps students and their parents choose quality college programs. 

• Accreditation enables employers to recruit graduates they know are well-prepared. 

• Accreditation is used by registration, licensure, and certification boards to screen applicants.

• Accreditation gives colleges and universities a structured mechanism to assess, evaluate, and improve the quality of their programs.

Maritime College's Marine Engineering, Naval Architecture, Mechanical Engineering, Electrical Engineering, and Facilities Engineering programs are accredited by the Engineering Accreditation Commission (EAC) of ABET (http://www.abet.org).