The Maritime Industry

The Maritime Industry is much more than the deep-sea merchant fleet. It includes tugs and barges, port and terminal operations, pilotage, freight forwarding, chartering, intermodal services, admiralty law, passenger and excursion services, Great Lakes and inland waterways shipping, shipbuilding and repair, naval architecture and marine engineering, seaman training, government programs and shipping, vessel classification, marine insurance, communications, recreational boating, and much more...

Almost 40,000 U.S. privately-owned vessels are available for operation in the U.S. foreign and domestic trades, and over 2 billion metric tons of cargo are transported on the waterways of the United States each year.

The Port of New York and New Jersey alone sees over 4,500 vessel calls and the transportation of over 220 million metric tons of cargo each year. The maritime industry has contributed to the growth of the nation and the world. The development of modern transportation systems worldwide and economic globalization has been driven by the maritime industry, the transportation industry leader.