Admissions Requirements

To be a member of the NYC NROTC Battalion, you must be admitted to one of the following schools:

  • SUNY Maritime College

  • Fordham University

  • Columbia University

  • Molloy College


To find out more about these institutions' application processes, click any of the following links:


Upon admission, you can contact our unit and join us as a:

  • College Program candidate

    • Gives you the option to switch into the SSO program

    • You can apply and recieve a national scholarship and become a scholarship candidate

    • You can receive advanced standing with guaranteed commissioning

  • Strategic Sealift Officer candidate

    • You must be enrolled at SUNY Maritime

  • Scholarship candidate

    • You must receive a 4-year, 3-year, or 2-year scholarship


​Scholarship Information

Our midshipmen come in with either a four-year scholarship, or begin as a college program candidate and earn two or three-year scholarships, or advanced standing during their time in the unit.

More information about the NROTC scholarship can be found below:


Summer Training

Midshipmen on scholarship are required to attend a summer training session for three to five weeks each year.

Click here for more information about the NROTC Summer Cruise.


PT Mornings:

A Day in the Life of an NYC NROTC Midshipman

by MIDN Ling, NROTC Battalion PAO

0545: It's still dark and we're sitting in our PT gear near the football field waiting for formation

0550: Around this time, you'll hear "Move out onto the field." That's when we all file onto the football field and get into formation.

0600: Accountability is taken, and we are in formation and ready to warm up.

0605: After the PTI leads us through a series of warm-up movements, we fall out and begin our workout of the day.

0610: When the weather is nice, the workout may include a campus run.

0620: If we are doing bodyweight exercises, we will usually form a large circle to keep everyone accountable.

0650: After everyone has worked up a good sweat, we begin cool down stretches. Usually by this time, the sun is up and the Manhattan skyline is clearly visible.

0655: We gather together in a school circle to hear any last announcements from the battalion staff.

0700: "Battalion, dismissed." We hear this at the end of every PT. That's when we stand at attention and say, "Dismissed, aye sir/ma'am, good morning sir/ma'am." Then it's off to breakfast.


Leadership Lab:

1600: We muster around Marvin-Tode Hall in our khakis, waiting for formation.

1610: If it's inspection day, we'll check each others' uniforms beforehand to ensure we are ready.

1615: Squad Leaders take accountability and report it up through the chain of command.

1620: Everyone is in formation, the midshipman CO walks out and tells the company commanders to carry out the plan of the day.

1630: Most of the time, we are in the lecture hall where we hear talks and trainings from the unit staff.

1640: Sometimes, we have the honor of hearing distinguished guests speak to us. Keep a pen and notepad handy to write down important lessons.

1700: The Marines might go on a ruck march around campus, or train on the obstacle course. You'll know if they worked hard because they always return drenched in sweat.

1730: If it's Captain's Cup day, we will all be in our PT gear, ready for some competition against the other companies.

1810: Lead lab isn't finished without some good old battalion staff announcements.

1820: We are dismissed. Lead labs can be lenghty, but they are an essential part of our training at NYC NROTC.

NROTC at SUNY Maritime • Marvin-Tode Hall • 6 Pennyfield Ave, NY 10465 • Phone: 718-409-7269 • Fax: 718-409-7402