Accommodation Services

Accommodation Services helps students who need accessibility modifications to succeed in their studies. Accommodations are designed to ensure all students with documented disabilities are eligible for accommodations under ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act).

Guidelines for Students with Disabilities

A diagnosis alone does not identify a disability. Individualized education and 504 plans are acceptable forms of documentation. Before graduating high school, it is recommended that all students have comprehensive psychological, educational, and social evaluations to assist with the college transition.

To receive accommodations, a professional evaluator must submit a written disclosure as early in the semester as possible. Thorough documentation includes diagnosis, the current status of disability, level of functioning and a summary including areas where adjustments might be necessary. For accommodations related to cognitive differences, a psycho-educational or psycho-neurological evaluation should include intelligence/ability and achievement tests.

Specific instructions regarding grievances pertaining to ADA can be found in the Accommodations Services Manual.

To Receive An Accommodation: 

Freshmen and transfer students should discuss their needs with an Admissions counselor prior to the start of the semester. To receive disability-related services and accommodations as a student or prospective student with a disability at SUNY Maritime College, please complete our Request for Disability Services & Accommodations form.

A SUNY Maritime College’s Accommodations Services team member will contact you upon completion of the form, to schedule a mandatory intake discussion meeting. The intake discussion allows for a review of documentation, dialogue regarding what accommodations the student desires to utilize, and insight into the next steps for having accommodations.

Accommodations for Students Pursuing a U.S. Coast Guard License

There are no accommodations for the U.S. Coast Guard exams, and accommodations for courses that include Standards of Training, Certification, and Watch standing, or STCW, assessments are usually not permitted. Students who plan to participate in Summer Sea Term should speak with the Office of Accommodation Services and their department chair about accommodations.

National Voter Registration Act 

Students registering with Accommodation Services may receive assistance by completing New York voter registration forms. Learn about the National Voter Registration Act.

Specific instructions regarding grievances pertaining to ADA may be found in the Accommodations Services Manual.

For more information about receiving accommodations, contact Dr. Todd Lidh, Associate Provost for Academic Programs, Planning, and Assessment at (646) 988-1985 or