Classroom ParticipationShipping and Logistics Fast-Track Program

The Shipping and Logistics fast-track program allows a student who is pursuing an undergraduate degree at Maritime to work toward a Master of Science in Shipping and Logistics at the same time.


Student-cadets and traditional students from all majors are eligible for the fast-track program, provided they meet the following criteria:

  • You must have earned at least 90 credit hours before your first semester in the fast-track program.

  • You must have at least a 3.0 cumulative GPA, or approval from the Department of Global Business and Transportation Chair, Professor Robert Edmonds, or the GBAT Graduate Program Coordinator, Dr. Cornelia McCarthy.

Application Process

As you plan your schedule for the first semester of your junior year, you should speak to your academic advisor or the GBAT graduate program coordinator, Dr. Cornelia McCarthy.

To apply, you must request an interview with the department chair, Professor Robert Edmonds, or the GBAT graduate program coordinator, Dr. Cornelia McCarthy. We recommend you schedule your interview during the beginning of the second semester of your junior year.

About the Program

In the fast-track program, you will take three 3-credit graduate courses and the 1-credit orientation to graduate studies program. These courses will be taken before you earn your undergraduate degree and will be billed at the undergraduate rate.

Some of the Shipping and Logistics core courses may be substituted for undergraduate course requirements. Your undergraduate program department chair will decide which courses can be substituted. If substitution isn't possible, you may take the graduate courses in addition to the courses required for your bachelor's degree.

When you have successfully completed the four graduate-level courses with a GPA of at least 3.0, they will apply to both you undergraduate and graduate degrees. If you finish the courses with less than a 3.0, they will only count toward your bachelor's degree.

You must apply to the program after completing a bachelor's degree. The application process consists of completing the online graduate application and submitting final transcripts indicating degree conferral to the Office of Admissions.

Academic Courses

As a fast-track student, we encourage you to select your graduate courses based on the courses you have remaining in your undergraduate program and which graduate courses may be substituted for them.

All fast-track students must take the 1-credit Orientation for Graduate Studies course, or TMGT 6001, during your first semester in the program. 

Shipping and Logistics Core Courses

  • TMGT 7060 Systems Analysis & Operations Research

  • TMGT 7100 Economics of International Trade

  • TMGT 7400 Logistics within the Supply Chain

  • TMGT 7500 International Business & Transportation Law

  • TMGT 7600 Shipping Economics

  • TMGT 7700 Ship Finance

Currently, the Department of Global Business and Transportation accepts the following substitutions for graduate courses for undergraduate courses.

  • TMGT 7060 Systems Analysis and Operations Research substitutes for MATH 446 Operations Research

  • TMGT 7100 can replace the general international studies elective, or the liberal arts and science elective, or GBEC 424 International Economics and Finance

  • TMGT 7500 can replace the general international studies elective, or GBUS 300 International Business

  • TMGT 7400 can replace GBTT 351 International Logistics

If you are not in the International Transportation and Trade program, you must check with your program department chair for final approval of substitute graduate courses.


You will be charged the undergraduate tuition rate for the four courses you will take before finishing your bachelor's degree.

You may only take 10 credits at the graduate level before you finish your bachelor's degree. Students are occasionally granted permission to take a fifth class during their enrollment in the fast-track program. Permission is granted by the GBAT department chair.

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