Audrey Gillant

Professor Gillant went to Université Paris VII (Denis Diderot), in France where she received a Maitrise de Mathématiques. She moved to the USA to pursue further studies in mathematics at the University of Washington in Seattle.  She received a M.S. in Mathematics with her work in number theory on the p-adic numbers under the supervision of Dr. Ralph Greenberg. Professor Gillant taught as an adjunct for 2 years at community colleges in greater Seattle and then taught for 3 years as an adjunct lecturer at Binghamton University. Professor Gillant joined SUNY Maritime in the fall of 2008. Professor Gillant teaches math courses ranging from Beginning Algebra to Calculus III.  She is the Computer Lab course supervisor.

  • B.S. -- Université Paris VII

  • M.S. -- University of Washington