The following events will occur if the a student account becomes late or delinquent.


The Students Account office places a “hold” on students accounts that have an outstanding balance. The hold prevents the student from accessing his/her grades on-line and registering for the subsequent semesters.

Students can view their holds via Self-Service and when full payment is received the hold will be removed.

Late Payment Charge

A late payment charge is placed on the student’s account when payment is not received by the specified payment due date.

Attorney General

Delinquent accounts over 120 days are transferred to the Office of the Attorney General. The college will send a minimum of three notices of payment requests to the student prior to the release of the account to the Attorney General Office.

Once the account is with the Attorney General Office (AG), all payments and correspondences must be addressed to the Office of the Attorney General. 

Any outstanding account will be referred to the NYS Attorney General's Office