Definition of “In Regimental Good Standing”:

  • Must not have any Class I offenses within the two semesters immediately preceding the application (Summer Sea Term counts as a semester).
  • Must not have been awarded ‘excessive demerits’ within the conduct year (start of pre-cruise to end of the Spring semester) as defined below.  In the case of a Cadet that does not participate in SST, this means the academic semester immediately preceding the application.
    • 4/C – 75 demerits, 3/C – 60 demerits, 2/C- 55 demerits, 1/C – 50 demerits
  • Must not have been removed from a position of leadership due to performance in the semester prior to application (SST counts as a semester). 

“In Regimental Good Standing” criteria will be used for the following:

  1. Leadership Rate Applications (both ashore and SST, i.e. IDO, SQL, Band, Honor Guard & Security Companies)
  2. Cadet Shipping
  3. Scholarships (and continuation of scholarships)
  4. Transfer to the AAS program
  5. SSO SIP payments
  6. Selection to special programs that represent the College
  7. Favorable endorsements to work

*This list may not be all inclusive.

Policy date: 09.27.16