Application Information

  • All billets aboard vessels shall go through Bryan Gill, cadet shipping coordinator. No credit will be given for time spent aboard a vessel that has not been approved.

  • Once cadets receive academic and regimental approval, they will receive an application packet from the cadet shipping coordinator. Complete applications include:

    • ​Cadet information and contact sheet

    • Cadet observer and vessel type forms

    • Hard and digital copies of the your passport

    • Hard and digital copies of your merchant mariner credential(s)

    • Hard and digital copies of your TWIC card

    • U.S. Coast Guard physical CG-719K

    • Completed benzene test

After you register and pay for cadet shipping, you may have out-of-pocket expenses. You may not be reimbursed for them.

Once you have been accepted and signed your cadet shipping contract, you are obligated to fulfill the program requirements and your duties as a junior officer in training.


At-Sea Requirements

  • Contact cadet shipping coordinator Bryan Gill upon boarding your assigned vessel

  • Do not disembark without receiving discharge/sea service papers and verbal permission from the vessel's master and the cadet shipping coordinator


Exit Requirements

  • Submit completed sea project (if in lieu of 2/c summer sea term) to your academic department. Any sea project questions should be directed to your academic advisor.

  • Complete and return your exit packet to Bryan Gill.

For more information, contact Mate Bryan Gill, cadet shipping coordinator, at (718) 409-3519, (347) 346-3453 (cell), or