Discipline. Leadership.

The regiment of cadets at Maritime is a disciplined lifestyle program. In your first year, you will learn to follow orders and the rules and regulations of the regiment. After that, you will increasingly learn to be a leader – to give orders, take care of those under your command and make the best decisions for your group.

Though cadets wear uniforms, they are not part of the military and there is no military service obligation.

Most cadets are working to earn a U.S. Coast Guard license in addition to their degree. You do not need to be in the license program to be part of the regiment.

Your First Year as a Cadet

When you come to Maritime as a freshman in the regiment of cadets, you will be called a MUG, short for Mariner Under Guidance. It means that you are learning the regiment’s rules and regulations.

Your introduction to the regiment will be a 10-day orientation program called indoctrination, or Indoc. Because most students in the regiment will pursue a U.S. Coast Guard license and a career at sea, Indoc is all about preparing you for a life on board a marine vessel. You will learn sea survival skills and spend at least an hour every day in physical training. You will also get to know your classmates, especially the other MUGs in your section.

As a MUG, you are expected to follow additional rules that you will learn during Indoc.