Policy statement

For the purpose of this policy, a survey is defined as a gathering of information through questionnaires, interviews, etc. to make inferences about a population. The Institutional Research and Assessment Department will serve as SUNY Maritime College’s survey clearinghouse. Anyone planning to administer a survey to SUNY Maritime College students, parents, alumni, faculty, or staff must first obtain approval from Institutional Research and Assessment.


This policy establishes a consistent procedure for managing surveys on campus. Such a policy allows us to use best practices in this area, to benefit the college and the survey users. Benefits include improved use of existing and new data, better coordination of survey schedules, reduced survey fatigue and improved survey instruments.

Survey Approval Process

Contact person: Capt. Mark Woolley, 718-409-3224, mwoolley@sunymaritime.edu

Complete this form to request a survey. A copy of your proposed survey and cover materials must be submitted at the same time.

Survey requests should be made at least 14 business days before to the desired survey launch date. More time may be necessary if other offices need to review the survey. 

Our staff with meet with you to assist with wording, clarification and question style. Instructors using survey design as part of class assignments may specify that no feedback be provided to students.

The survey results should be submitted to Institutional Research so others may benefit from the information, as appropriate.