placement testing information

Please read all the information carefully.

All incoming first-year students will be placed in English 101 and a Math class based on placement testing.

Select incoming transfer students will be required to take placement testing to determine placement in a Math course.

We recommend that you take these exams seriously. If you are placed in a remedial course, you may require additional time to complete your degree. 

Online Placement Testing Dates

  • All incoming freshman students and select transfer students will be automatically registered for Math Placement Testing.
  • Math Placement Testing Instructions - You must access your Maritime E-mail first in order to be able to login to access the test. Visit the Accepted Student Page for directions on how to access your Maritime E-mail

Placement testing for English will not be conducted. All students will be placed in English 101 for the fall semester.

  • During the first two weeks of the fall semester, a student's writing will be assessed to determine if an hour of weekly recitation is needed.

Math placement test

Students are required to take a multiple-choice exam without a calculator.*

The exam covers a range of high school math topics. Students can be placed in:

  • MATH 080 Elementary Algebra

  • MATH 090 Introduction to College Mathematics (essentially a college algebra and trigonometry course) 

  • 100-level Calculus course

Practice Math Test

If you have a certified medical letter/diagnosis, an Individualized Education Program (IEP), or a 504 Plan that allows for test accommodations, please contact Dr. Todd Lidh, Associate Provost for Academic Programs, Planning, and Assessment via email ( or phone (646) 988-1985) before your test date.

First-Year Student Questionnaire

All incoming students should complete the First-Year Questionnaire (sent via e-mail) in order to assist in the creation of the student's first semester course schedule.

Additional Information

MATH 080 Course Outline

MATH 090 Course Outline

Additional Information (after Placement Test is completed)