Veteran Benefits

Step One: Apply and Deposit

Apply to Maritime College

If you are accepted, you must pay your deposit before you can begin the process of applying your benefits to your studies at Maritime.

Step Two: Certificate of Eligibility

You must apply for and receive your certificate of eligibility from the VA.

  • For Chapters 30, 33 (Post-9/11 GI Bill®), 1606 and 1607, if you have not applied for veteran-education benefits, you will need to complete VA Form 22-1990.

  • For Chapter 35 benefits, complete VA Form 22-5490.

  • For Chapter 31 benefits, begin by calling the VA rehabilitation counselor at (800) 827-1000.

GI Bill® is a registered trademark of the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs (VA). More information about education benefits offered by VA is available at the official U.S. government website.

Step Three: Other Financial Aid

Don't forget to apply for other types of financial aid. Veterans and veteran dependents are eligible to receive federal and state aid, and completing a FAFSA is the first step to apply.

New York State residents who are discharged under honorable conditions may be eligible for NYS Veterans Tuition Awards. Your veteran benefits and any VTA awards will not exceed the cost of tuition at Maritime. Learn more here or call the NYS Higher Education Services Corporation at (888) 697-4372.

Step Four: Contact Maritime College

Get in touch with the College's VA certifying official, Ms. Evangelique Velez, by email or by phone (718) 409-5970. 

You will need to send your certificate of eligibility.

Step Five: Scheduling

Before benefits can be applied to your studies at Maritime College, the VA needs to have your course schedule on file. Complete Maritime College's 1999 Enrollment form and send it with a copy of your schedule to Ms. Velez.

Do this as soon as you can to allow sufficient time for the VA to process your information. Veterans and active duty service members are eligible for priority registration.

If you have not yet registered for classes, contact the Admissions office at or (718) 409-7221. 

You will need to complete this step every semester you attend Maritime College.

Step Six: When your Benefits Arrive

Your benefits cover tuition and fees at Maritime. In most cases, funds will be sent directly to the college around the start of classes. Keep in mind that your benefits will not cover your housing, meal plan or any late fees you accrue to your account.


If you will be a member of the College's Regiment of Cadets, your benefits may be used to cover the cost of your uniform. Learn more.

Late fees

To avoid any late fees, make sure you've contacted Ms. Velez and submitted all of your required paperwork before your bill is due. The College cannot contact or intercede with the VA on your behalf; it is your responsibility to make sure your benefits are certified and allocated in a timely fashion.

Step Seven: If Your Schedule Changes

If your class schedule changes in any way, you must notify Ms. Velez. The VA requires you to attend all of the courses you submit to them. If you add or drop a course, your benefits may change. 

If you drop or withdraw from a course, you may be responsible for paying back a portion of your benefits.

Step Eight: Join the Veterans Association

Maritime College has an active Office of Veteran and Military Affairs and a club on campus for student veterans and military. The office and the organization exist to help you find your place on campus and access any resources you may need to help you succeed at Maritime College.