Across three schools and seven departments, distinguished faculty teach in the College's 13 degree programs to ensure  students are well informed and well prepared for their careers.


The Department of Engineering offers Bachelor of Engineering degrees in Electrical Engineering, Facilities Engineering, Marine Engineering, Mechanical Engineering and Naval Architecture.




filler imageGlobal Business and Transportation

The Department of Global Business and Transportation offers the Bachelor of Science in International Transportation and Trade and the Master of Science in International Transportation Management.





filler imageHumanities

The Department of Humanities offers a Bachelor of Science in Maritime Studies and a Master of Science in Maritime and Naval Studies. Its faculty members also teach many of the general education courses.




filler imageMarine Transportation

The Department of Marine Transportation offers Bachelor of Science degrees in Marine Transportation and Marine Operations (Deck).






Professional Mariner Training

Maritime Technology and Operations

The Marine Technology and Operations department offers common courses to both deck and engine license students. The department also administers the College's two Associate Degree programs and U.S. Coast Guard approved programs for a limited deck or limited engine license, and offers an array of U.S. Coast Guard approved training courses to professional mariners.  





Naval Science

The Naval Science department oversees all of the Naval Science courses offered at the College, as well as commissioning programs for the U.S. Navy and U.S. Marine Corps. 




filler imageScience

The Department of Science offers the Bachelor of Science in Marine Environmental Science and required general education math and science courses.