INDOC 2020: Different Delivery, Same Experience


In past years, Indoctrination (INDOC) was implemented in mid-August as a consecutive 10-day experience for students in license programs. During INDOC, Mariners under guidance (MUGs) are exposed to the rules, regulations, history and traditions of the Regiment of Cadets. Through INDOC, MUGs participate in a regimental schedule and evolutions that include shipboard training, classroom learning, marching and other competitive activities. It is a unique experience where strong bonds are formed among the MUGs as they become acclimated to the Regiment and learn the importance of working together.

A total of 282 MUGs participated in this year’s INDOC and experienced the delivery of the program differently from years past. In response to the coronavirus and the need to provide a safe environment, reduce density and adhere to new protocols (social distancing and face coverings), the program is scheduled to take place in three phases over three weekends. The phases focus on learning about the Regiment, ship familiarization and watchstanding. Phase 1 of INDOC took place from September 4-7. Reinforcement of ship familiarization through hands-on and classroom learning on the ship will take place later throughout the academic semester.  

MUGs were divided into 2 companies of 4 sections each, allowing MUGS to move easily from location to location during their first 4 days of INDOC. A new leadership model integrated first and second class cadets to deliver INDOC to MUGs. “We needed the first class to participate in the development of MUGs this year,” stated Commandant of Cadets, Captain Catie Hanft. "The second class leadership served as peer mentors, academic training officers, and company training officers to ensure MUGs would be trained by someone who had experienced INDOC. The outcome of this first phase was very successful and we look forward to Phase 2 in late September and Phase 3 in October,” said Capt. Hanft. “The delivery might be different, but the outcome is the same.”

Photos of INDOC 2020 Phase 1 are available on Flicker.