Senior Spotlight: Bethany Champlin

Bethany Champlin grew up only a few miles from the Maritime College campus. She was interested in pursuing art and design and did not envision herself at Maritime until she attended an open house with her brother. “I saw the presentation on naval architecture and realized it involved aspects of design and engineering.” Having seen her father’s work as an operator engineer, a career path she always admired, she chose to attend Maritime to study naval architecture and earn an engine license.

Admittedly nervous upon arriving for Indoctrination, she immediately felt the encouragement and motivation of her squad leaders and Indoctrination officers. Champlin looked up to her mentors as role models and set a goal for herself to become a leader on campus. Her sheer determination and focus helped her to become a squad leader in her sophomore year and a Section Chief Indoctrination Officer her junior year. She considers her position as Section Chief IDO among her proudest accomplishments. “Seeing the transformation and growth of the MUGs in my section from first-year students to skilled mariners was the most rewarding feeling, and my team played a part in that.”

She sought to become a student leader and earned a position as Division Officer on Summer Sea Term, Regimental Admissions Liaison, Lead Student Ambassador, as well as captain of both her cross country and swim teams. “All of the experience I gained taught me how to lead by example and be a good leader in general. It is something this school instills in you.”

Reflecting on her journey at Maritime College, Champlin recalls her best memories and learning experiences aboard TSES VI. Working tirelessly to repair problems below deck, she and her peers would come together as a team to apply their knowledge and skills. “Although the work is challenging, it is gratifying because it is a lesson you can’t learn in a traditional classroom environment.”

After graduation, Champlin will go on to work for General Dynamics in the Naval Architecture Department. “I will be doing exactly what I wanted to do. Maritime helped me achieve my dreams, and I am so grateful.”