Fabricating the first nsmv

After years of conceptualizing, discussing, collaborating, planning, letter writing, meeting, advocating and testifying before Congress in Washington, D.C., December 15, 2020 marked a historic day for Maritime College. The long-awaited steel cutting ceremony finally arrived and fabrication of the very first National Security Multi-mission Vessel (NSMV) is underway heralding a new class of training ships designed to serve a dual purpose: supporting merchant mariner education and assisting with humanitarian/disaster relief.

As construction of the first NSMV continues, Maritime College awaits the laying of the ship’s keel in December 2021 and delivery of the vessel in 2023. Arrival of the much-anticipated state-of-art ship will greatly impact Maritime College and future mariners of generations come.

A Historical Perspective

This perspective of the NSMV is a comprehensive timeline that highlights key dates, partnerships and other pertinent information, all of which led to the fabrication of the nation’s first NSMV, the new training ship assigned to Maritime College.

NSMV Timeline 2005-2020
An Interactive Timeline

View the timeline and images more closely here.


Construction began at Philly Shipyard in December 2020 and the video commemorates the fabrication ceremony of the very first NSMV.

December 15, 2020  marked a historic day for Maritime College and the State Maritime Academies (SMAs) – the cutting of steel ceremony that marks the commencement of fabrication for the first National Security Multi-mission Vessel (NSMV).