Science labAchieve New Heights of Academic Excellence

We will prepare students to succeed in the 21st century through programs that integrate knowledge through disciplined, hands-on learning experiences and adaptive skills from across their program of studies in liberal arts and STEM. In this way, we will distinguish the College and provide our graduates with immediate employability in a competitive career environment plus the competency, character, adaptability, and ingenuity to succeed personally and professionally throughout their careers.

We will build and sustain new levels of academic excellence through a powerful culture of assessment that establishes clear measures of academic quality across programs and provides a regular evaluation of progress toward established targets.



Provide rigorous, high-quality, and relevant academic programs across the College

Every academic program will be distinguished by a demanding academic core that emphasizes discipline-specific knowledge and important skills such as critical thinking, oral and written communication, and numerical and technological fluency. Robust, faculty-driven assessment processes, that include program-level accreditation where appropriate, will ensure the rigor, quality, and relevance of our academic programs. Elevating the academic core will also elevate the quality of Maritime College’s license programs.


Conduct a comprehensive review of Maritime College’s academic portfolio

  • Ensure that all programs provide an appropriate balance of subject-area knowledge, skills, and experiential learning opportunities.

  • Identify contemporary topics and competencies by working with industry, and infuse them across the curricula and course levels of every program. Essential competencies include technology/digitization, information literacy, leadership, teamwork, ethics, communication, multicultural awareness, and critical thinking.


B Objective:

Develop programs of national and international distinction

We will expand and strengthen our undergraduate and graduate degrees into premier programs that enhance the College’s prominence and support our expansion into new markets.


Create relevant and innovative new graduate and undergraduate offerings in formats that allow rapid implementation

  • Anticipate and respond nimbly to the changing needs of industry partners and the goals of our students by establishing new programs, minors, certificates, licenses, tracks, and micro-credentials that can be introduced and modified quickly.

  • Explore how best to deliver our programs in a variety of formats including online and hybrid and with flexible schedules such as evenings, weekends, and summer terms.


C Objective:

Elevate applied-learning experiences to new levels

Experiential learning is a distinctive and historical component of Maritime College. We will ensure that our iconic Summer Sea Term on the training ship Empire State VI continues to be a uniquely rewarding experience. We will take greater advantage of our proximity to New York City’s dynamic financial, technology, transportation, energy and information technology industries, as well as its lively ports and waterways, to provide a greater variety of innovative shore-side internship opportunities for all students regardless of program.


Provide more varied and in-depth professional experiential learning opportunities

  • Expand the number and quality of internships for students in both regimental and civilian programs.

  • Encourage and support meaningful student research opportunities with faculty.

  • Increase the impact of community service and civic engagement experiences and link them to classroom teaching and learning.