Women's LacrosseFoster a Vibrant Student Life Experience

We are dedicated to ensuring that Maritime College students develop the skills, character, and social fluency that they need in college and beyond. We will identify and shape co-curricular experiences that encourage students to live and work effectively with those having similar backgrounds and perspectives as well as with those having vastly different ideas and experiences.


A Objective:

Embrace a holistic approach to student development

We will enhance student development by supporting meaningful experiences inside and outside the classroom and connecting the two. Doing so will enhance educational and personal development as students apply what they learn to work and social settings. Conversely, this holistic approach will enrich classroom curricula through extracurricular and community experiences.


Create a more student-centered campus environment

  • Construct a student center that provides a welcoming space for students to engage with one another.

  • Develop a set of desired outcomes and an assessment plan for administrative, educational, and student support programs.

  • Assess the current service levels of all administrative, educational, and student support programs.

  • Revise the policies and processes to provide a higher level of student service and satisfaction.

B Objective:

Enable the highest levels of student success at Maritime College and beyond

We will provide every student with the full range of academic support services necessary for their steady progress toward graduation. We will prepare students for success on campus and in their future careers, including graduate studies, by immersing them in a rigorous academic environment as well as in settings that introduce such soft skills as leadership, teamwork, ethical awareness, communication, information literacy, multicultural understanding, and critical thinking. These abilities are essential components of the adaptability that allows our graduates to thrive in rapidly changing circumstances and uncertain times.


Develop comprehensive leadership programs for all students to enhance their preparation for successful careers and service in their communities

  • Expand leadership development opportunities well beyond those currently available in the regiment and promote their benefits to all students, regardless of their programs or career plans.

  • Support faculty and staff in incorporating soft skills into students’ academic programs and

  • Co-curricular experiences, including athletics, student government, clubs, and residential life.